Bone Markings

Projections That are Sites of Muscle and Ligament Attachment

--> Tuberosity: Large, rounded projection; may be roughened 
--> Crest: Narrow ridge of bone; usually prominent
--> Trochanter: Very large, blunt, irregularly shaped process (the only examples are on the femur)
--> Line: Narrow ridge of bone; less prominent than a crest
--> Tubercle: Small, rounded projection and process 
--> Epicondyle: Raised area on or above a condyle
--> Spine: Sharp, slender, often pointed projection
--> Process: Any bony prominence 

Projections That Help to Form Joints

--> Head: Bony expansion carried on a narrow neck
--> Facet: Smooth, nearly flat articular surface
--> Condyle: Rounded articular projection
--> Ramus: Armlike bar of bone

Depressions and Openings Allowing Blood Vessels and Nerves to Pass

--> Meatus: Canal-like passageway 
--> Sinus: Cavity within a bone, filled with air and lined with mucous membrane 
--> Fossa: Shallow, basinlike depression in a bone, often serving as an articular surface
--> Groove: Furrow
--> Fissure: Narrow, slitlike opening 
--> Foramen: Round or oval opening through bone

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